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Tanya Desfontaines, reeds jaren verbonden aan het Karuna instituut van Franklyn Sills heeft een prachtig programma ontwikkeld voor afgestudeerde Cranio Sacraal therapeuten en studenten vanaf het 3e leerjaar. 

Bio = Life, Living Organisms 

Dynamics = The forces which stimulate growth, development or change within a system or process. 

Biodynamics is therefore the study of the energy or forces at work within living organisms.

These seminars form a deepening enquiry into the fundamental universal forces that organize and sustain life. Dr William Garner Sutherland was the first to recognize a rhythmic movement of the cranial bones, and to name this as ‘Primary Respiration’. He was inspired by the Potency of the Breath of Life, the ‘liquid light’, which ignites and animates all living organisms. In the mid 20th Century, Dr Rollin Becker furthered this enquiry, emphasizing the importance of being guided by a ‘listening’ approach, recognizing and harnessing the potential of self- corrective mechanisms within the body. The practice of Craniosacral Biodynamics, as further developed and refined by Franklyn Sills of the Karuna Institute, orients the practitioner to the action of Potency within the suspensory fields of physical, fluid and tidal bodies and the slower tidal rhythms and healing processes orchestrated by the Intelligent Potency of the Breath of Life. These seminars are presented by Tanya Desfontaines, who studied and trained with Franklyn Sills and is currently Senior Tutor in Craniosacral Biodynamics at the Karuna Institute.

Het programma begint met een 3 daagse introductie in Biodynamische Cranio Sacraal therapie.

Na het volgen van de introductie volgt de module Deepening into Biodynamics.

Na het volgen van deze 5 daagse kun je deelnemen aan de volgende modules, te weten 
Birth, a Formative Journey Molding the Body and Mind (2018)
Dynamic Stillness Ignition and Transmutation (2019)
Biodynamic approaches to the Central Nervous System The Stress Response, Nociception and the Polyvagal ANS (2019)  

Introductory Seminar - Fundamentals of Craniosacral Biodynamics

In this 3 day introductory course, participants will be introduced to some of the fundamental concepts of craniosacral biodynamics as taught at the Karuna Institute. The nature of the therapeutic holding environment, the negotiation of touch and contact, and some of the important perceptual processes used in clinical work will be introduced. 

Relational Presence, Contact and Primary Respiration   

  • The nature of the therapeutic holding environment
  • The cultivation of presence – A being- to- being connection
  • Health and resources
  • Touch and the ritual of contact – negotiation and listening skills
  • Primary respiration – the rhythms and tides of life
  • Learning to perceive and orient to the underlying organizational forces of life

Data: 15-17 juni 2018

Lestijden: 10.00-18.00 uur
Kosten: €525.00, incl. koffie/thee, PCSA is vrijgesteld van BTW.

“I started working with it immediately”, 

“I had beautiful results - I was even more amazed than the person themselves!”

“I just trust it - people love it, they feel better”

Deepening into Biodynamics

The Three Bodies, Primary Respiration and Embryological Forces 

The intention of this 5 day seminar is to review and deepen participants’ understanding and experience of the ground of biodynamics in clinical work. We will orient especially to what is known as the ‘three bodies’ or ‘three fields’ and the unfolding of healing processes within each field of action. A series of perceptual and clinical exercises will be explored that, in a graded manner, aid in the clarification and deepening of these concepts and phenomena. There is an emphasis on our orientation to health and resource, as trauma work is introduced, orienting participants to grounding, pacing, appropriate use of embodied felt resources and mindfulness based verbal skills.

This course is highly recommended for practitioners who want to deepen their clinical understanding of biodynamics in craniosacral therapy and, together with the 3 day introductory seminar, forms a foundation upon which to layer further seminars.

Topics will include: 

  • Presence and the Safe Relational field
  • Settling into mindful awareness
  • Basic needs of being and the safe holding field
  • The two settlings – relational field and holistic shift
  • Trauma resolution - The Body Remembers
  • Resources, overwhelm and trauma, introduction to verbal skills
  • Primary Respiration and the Three Bodies
    Three unfoldments of the human body - physical body, fluid body and tidal body, fields within fields
  • Fluid tide and long tide
  • Suspensory dynamics of the holistic shift in three fields of action
  • The Three Functions of Potency
  • Organizational – The ordering matrix – Universal (biodynamic) forces and natural fulcra
  • Protective – Conditional (experiential) forces and the generation of inertial fulcra
  • Healing – The resolution of inertia and restoration of health
  • Healing Dynamics of the Physical, Fluid and Tidal bodies
  • The mid tide - Motility, fluid tide, tidal potency
  • The inherent treatment plan and Dr. Becker’s 3 step awareness
  • Augmentation of potency within inertial areas
  • The state of balance as a gateway to long tide and dynamic stillness
  • Long tide as the ground of session work and initiator of healing processes
  • The Primal Midline, Local Bioelectric field and Embryological Forces
  • Early embryology and the primal midline
  • Embryological forces and the embryo within
  • Organizational, protective and healing functions of potency in action
  • Dynamic Stillness
  • The nature of stillness as the ground of emergence
  • Orientation to stillness in session work

5-9 december 2018

Woensdag 9.30-18.00 uur
Donderdag, vrijdag en zaterdag 10.00-18.00 uur
Zondag: 10.00-16.00 uur

Kosten: €795.00 per module, incl. koffie/thee, PCSA is vrijgesteld van BTW.
Deze module wordt gegeven in het Engels.

“The orientation to health is very valuable - even when people are sick, the inner health is always there”

“My confidence is much more deepened - also confidence in life. I feel joy!”

Birth, a Formative Journey 
Molding the Body and Mind    

Birth from the baby’s perspective

This most formative journey, from womb to world, generates imprints which echo throughout the physical body. The powerful forces of birthing, both physical and emotional, can be overwhelming for the baby, and can also be the source of strongly imprinted self-beliefs and pattern sequences which inform our personality and behavior. This 5-day seminar weaves experiential process work with biodynamic concepts and trauma skills for practitioners working with early process in adults.

We will learn to orient to embodied expressions of unresolved prenatal and birthing forces, applying our biodynamic skills of relational holding and touch, and facilitating the resolution of both physical and emotional imprints, including trauma and overwhelm states. We will explore the territories of pre and perinatal imprinting, developmental trauma and the powerful territory of the first breath and umbilical ignition, learning cranial skills to work with the umbilical spiral and its ignition as an empowerment of Being. Please note that this seminar is intended for practitioners working with adults, although a further seminar oriented to family work may be offered in the future subject to demand.

 Topics will include:

  • Beginnings

Conception ignition and the sentient embryo

The baby-mother dyad and attachment processes

Introduction to pre and perinatal experience and developmental trauma - Umbilical affect

Practitioner skills of self and co-regulation

  • Embodiment

The Heart centre and its ignition

The Umbilical centre as horizontal midline

Listening to the visceral world

Polyvagal theory and the Gut Brain

  • The Birth Journey

Birth energy and empowerment

Creative opposition in the birth canal

Passage through the birth canal, birth stages, conjunct sites and cranial molding

Umbilical ignition and the first breath 

  • Trauma Resolution – Clinical and Verbal Skills

Review of the stress response and therapeutic approaches to dysregulation, emotional flooding, hyper and hypo arousal states and dissociative states 

  • Birth Interventions and patterns of experience

Introduction to cranial base patterns as expressions of unresolved birth forces

Orienting to original health and the primal midline

Augmentation of potency within inertial fulcrums and space

Fluid head and whole body patterns

Orientation to fluid drive – augmentation of potency drive within the fluid body 

  • Introduction to Ignition Processes

Birth ignition – augmentation process via Long Tide awareness and the umbilical spiral – the empowerment of being.

Docent: Tanya Desfontaines

Data: 20-24 juni 2018

Woensdag 9.30-18.00 uur
Donderdag, vrijdag en zaterdag 10.00-18.00 uur
Zondag: 10.00-16.00 uur

Kosten: €795.00 per module, incl. koffie/thee, PCSA is vrijgesteld van BTW.

Deze module wordt gegeven in het Engels.

Dynamic Stillness
Ignition and Transmutation   

In this seminar we will deepen into the essence of Craniosacral Biodynamics.  Our work will interface with the transformative capacity of the Long Tide and numinous presence of Dynamic Stillness.

Topics will include:

  • The State of Balance as a mysterious gateway
  • Dr Becker’s great insight into the nature of healing
  • “Rhythmic balanced interchange” between the Stillness, the ‘liquid light’ of potency and inertial forces.
  • “Something happens” – transmutation or change of state
  • Dynamic transformation in the depth of stillness

  • The Inherent Treatment Plan
  • Following the healing priorities which arise from within
  • A return to wholeness – realizing original health

  • Ignition – the spark in the engine
  • Heart ignition and the embodiment of being – augmentation via Long Tide awareness and Dynamic Stillness
  • Conception ignition and the 3rd ventricle dynamo – augmentation process via Long Tide awareness and conception spiral, the ordering matrix and the ground of being
  • Ignition of the Quantum Midline – vortices of potency
  • The incandescent core of being

Docent: Tanya Desfontaines


Woensdag 9.30-18.00 uur
Donderdag, vrijdag en zaterdag 10.00-18.00 uur
Zondag: 10.00-16.00 uur

Kosten: €795.00 per module, incl. koffie/thee, PCSA is vrijgesteld van BTW.
Deze module wordt gegeven in het Engels.

Biodynamic Approaches to the Central Nervous System
The Stress Response, Nociception and the Polyvagal ANS 

This seminar focuses on the dynamics of the central nervous system. CNS motility is explored from an embryological viewpoint, with emphasis on the palpation of motility and perception of important brain areas and CNS nuclei. The role of nociception (pain reception), working with the nociceptive hierarchy and the down-regulation of nociceptive loops is explored clinically. Students learn to orient to CNS shock affect and shock discharge, hyper-arousal states and emotional flooding. Cranial approaches to Porges’ paradigm of a triune autonomic nervous system are also explored.

Topics will include:

  • CNS relationships and the Stress Response
  • Important stress nuclei and the stress response
  • Trauma and stress regulation
  • Trauma Resolution 2 – Therapeutic approaches to hyper arousal
  • Embryological development of the CNS and motility
  • The safe holding field and basic needs of being
  • Review of mid tide healing dynamics and the 3 functions of potency
  • Orientation to CNS motility, the ventricular system and fluid midline
  • Nociception and Neuronal Sensitisation 
  • Introduction to nociception and the facilitation/sensitization of nerves
  • Peripheral, spinal, brainstem and cortical pathways
  • Practitioner skills for desensitization of neural pathways and restoration of function
  • The Polyvagal Autonomic Nervous System
  • The vagus nerve and the social engagement system
  • Dynamic Stillness
  • Exhalation stillpoint process

Docent: Tanya Desfontaines


Woensdag 9.30-18.00 uur
Donderdag, vrijdag en zaterdag 10.00-18.00 uur
Zondag: 10.00-16.00 uur

Kosten: €795.00 per module, incl. koffie/thee, PCSA is vrijgesteld van BTW.
Deze module wordt gegeven in het Engels.




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